Maka’ar – OOG Dunes 05

(As the Shar’Sariin party ties off their horses, they quickly enter the largest of the three traditional tents. Maka’ar stops to address Bregg, while waiting for the Human’s companions to arrive.)

“Bregg Felldawn. Corvis is no longer a name I wish to respond to. The guise was necessary to help me to pass amongst the fringe desert tribes and the streets of Amendar in my journeys. Since I no longer pursue my former master, I once again embrace my birth name, Maka’ar – which means ‘Howl of the Night Wind’ in the tongue of my people.”

(The huge Nyverian doesn’t pretend to hide his smirk – as the explanation felt rehearsed and less than genuine. Maka’ar is quick to notice.)

“You do not believe me. Which part of what I told you feels false?”

(Bregg tilts his head at a slight angle and gives a half-smile.)

“Well, Night Wind…I think your Chief in there wants you to tell us that everything’s just fine so that we won’t convince you to come with us to the coast. I think he snaps his fingers and you obey.”

(Maka’ar returns the half-grin.)

“Yes. My Cariisc, R’Gnam is my tribal leader. And I will obey should he snap his fingers. Though finger snapping for obedience seems more a human trait than Shar’Sariin.”

(Maka’ar opens the flap of the tent, allowing the newly arrived travelers entrance. They quickly find seating rolls around a central fire. The Cariisc’s soldiers already have hanks of desert cur and rushitai wine for all. The Carissc speaks.)

“You are traveling without horses, and you carry infants wrapped against the sun. I fear you will not survive the journey home to Amendar.”

(Rogan swallows his wine and speaks.)

“Great Carissc. We were magically transported against our will. We chased the “Mapmaker” Arsofaal through a gate of his creation, which ended in the bowels of Baru Kai. It was not our choice to wind up in the desert so unprepared.”

(Maka’ar leans over to speak in the chieftain’s ear. The Cariisc nods his head.)

“I shall provide you with horses trained and hearty against the heat of the Singe. We shall take the children and safeguard them for you. They will be well protected and cared for.”

(Rogan stands)


(Two warriors draw G’orlar before Rogan can draw a second breath. The Migdin continues.)

“I am sorry, Cariisc. I simply meant…we are exhausted and spent. We’ve been injured, broken and magically manipulated. We prefer to keep the children with us. We have a bond that can not endure separation again. Respectfully. We simply must reach a small coastal village on the Font of Tagaar, where our possessions are kept. The horses and provisions will be more than sufficient. You are too gracious, Cariisc.”

(The Shar’Saiirn leader speaks again to Maka’ar, then turns toward Rogan.)

“Very well. I understand the need to protect those that are most precious to us. Rest here for the evening and you can leave before the sun rises. I look forward to sharing feast with you again. Travel safely and may the sands carry you in good fortune.”

(The Cariisc stands and leaves the tent, followed by the two armed warriors. Maka’ar stands, bows to the visitors and follows him out. After a brief moment, Rogan stands and whispers to his friends.)

“That could have gone much worse, thank Aethelgrim. Horses, food, water and wine. Not bad. Not bad at all…”