K’ain – OOG Innocence 03

(Coldly, almost angry)

No. You are not a boy any more. We see that.

Believe me, what we have said is not said out of fear and it gives us not pleasure to contemplate. It sickens us. But you understand, whatever our decision, why it must be contemplated.

We… I bear the responsibility for every action we have ever taken. We have made many decisions we regret but I take responsibility for every one.

We would not… could not… will not harm a single one of these children. But if other’s suffer for it we shall take that sin to our next life and beyond, Cóng S’ai help us. As long as you are willing to do the same.

(Turns to go disgustedly)

We are not a butcher Tyvian Meer! We thought you at least understood that.

(Stops, apologetically, not looking back)

The Birthing Stone was taken from Cóng Manaar. It should be returned there don’t you think? Until then, we would continue this journey down the same path. If you would have us?