K’ain – OOG Innocence 01

(While Tyvian stands watch with the children K’ain approaches. He is unarmed and unarmored, mask tucked in the front of his tunic. He stares down at the infants a deeply troubled look on his face. After a while he speaks no looking at Tyvian.)

Our mother was with child when we left Cóng Manaar. She should have come to term by now. We have a little brother, or sister, the same as these children.

(Looks up at Tyvian, aggressive but also pleading.)

There are hundreds of Innocents in Cóng Manaar, Nyveria, Dunbachmoor. If the Lord of Pain comes to power again they will suffer. You understand why you must consider what we said back in Baru Kai Tu’Meer. Don’t you?