K’ain – OOG B’aas 01

(K’ain leaves the camp and sits alone behind a sand dune. He lights a small smoldering fire and burns a pinch of dried cóng bagaat. Then retrieves three blood soaked dolls from his quiver and lays them on the sand.)

Fiir’ti. B’aas ka n’gaal-fiis. T’ir b’aas ka s’ir b’aas. Agraas vorgis‘ti. Mannin vorgis’ti.

B’aas hu’maniis lag s’ai hu’cóng, kaa’s’kaiis.

B’aas hu’maniis Cohaavian, kaa’s’kaiis.

E… (falters) Fiir’ti Cóng S’ai maniin, amaan. B’aas…


B’aas Hu’Tarsus, manii mani s’ai, r’afakaair, e kaa’rak.


Cóng S’ai, maniin vorgis’ti.

(He places each doll on the fire and watches as they slowly burn until there is nothing left but ash. Even then he sits staring into the darkness for a long while.)