Bregg – OOG Family 01

(Bregg is squeezing some precious water out of one of his skins trying to clean the swaddling of one of the baby girls. She is lying on his bedroll while he hurries to finish, hoping to Bregor that she doesn’t poop or pee on it before he can rewrap her)

You are a beautiful baby girl, yes you are. In Amendar you have a half-brother named Jordann. I don’t know how he’s going to feel about having a half-sister, especially since your mother was… well an evil whore that killed both your fathers. But you have your father’s eyes, yes you do. So I know that you’ll turn out like him. You’ll never be a whore will you? No you will not. Maybe–hopefully-your older brother will love you and protect you, just as soon as I teach him how to fight. And Uncle Bregg will be here to help you both.

(Bregg stops what he’s doing for a moment and thinks for awhile. Then he starts chuckling. Then he breaks out into laughter. He laughs until his damaged abdomen hurts and he wipes tears away from his badly scarred face. He regains control enough to see everyone staring at him)

Heh. Ahem. Sorry, it just occurred to me… since Tyvian’s son is Rogan’s cousin, maybe it would be alright if Rogan started calling you Uncle Tyvian…