Tyvian – OOG Lamb 02

(After Rogan leaves, Tyvian goes to the grassy area in the courtyard of the Temple to meditate)

Great Mother, Guide my feet to walk your path.
Guide my hands to craft the life you provide.
Guide my mind to eyes to see the truth that lies hidden.
Guide my mind to remain clear.
Guide my heart to stay true.
Blessed are the Children of Surin who provide for the needs of others. (Supplicating to Surin to grant him a priest spell to resist or repel the darkness he is encountering).

(focusing his thoughts on a particular target.. the Shadow that has been haunting him) I know you can hear me. This web of lies you and the whores have been spinning is quickly unraveling. I will not stop until the abominations that are being brought into this wyrld are destroyed. Every sickness has a cure and I intend to find the one for you and your kind. (focusing a cleansing wave of Surin’s energy outward to repel the corruption of the darkness)

(After a few minutes, he opens his eyes and returns to K’ain)