Rogan – OOG Lamb 01

(Rogan finishes his healthy but spartan meal amongst the Brothers of Bregor. He sees Bregg and K’ain share a stolen moment and he sees his opportunity.)

“Tyvian. I have to run back to the Hawk to retrieve some of my things. It is very important. You will understand once you see…”

(Tyvian swallows a draft of herbed tea and Rogan continues before the priest has a chance to speak)

“I know that K’ain will protest, so I have to go now. I NEED to do this. You’ll see.”

(He gently pats the young cleric on the shoulder, and with the stealth gifted his Migden kind, Rogan slips past the robed priests and out a side door. Tyvian speaks softly a prayer to Surin, then follows with a four word devotional to the Lord Aethelgrim.)

“Please protect your son.”