Narrator – OOG Rogan 01

(As Tyvian dresses for the day, the revelation of his patroness still warm in his mind, he hears a knock on his door. Standing before him is a familiar yet altogether different site: Rogan has returned to the temple…but bedecked in a full hauberk of chainmail, cloaked in a surcoat of Royal Blue and White and wrapped in a cloak of oaken brown. Through a heavy leather girdle is strapped a sword in the style of the royal soldiers but sized appropriately for his stature. On his left a hand axe – its steel blade engraved in the knot-work scrolls of the dwarven kin of Gartenforge. Under his right arm, a conical helm with a straight, engraved nasal guard. From the back of the helm, a cascading length of chainmail. Around his neck, a silver pendant of artisanal beauty – the unmistakable symbol of the god Aethelgrim. And most startling of all was the smile stretching from one side of his friend’s face to the other. This was a new man, indeed.)

“The whore wants a holy soldier of Aethelgrim…come and get me.”

(A new man, indeed…)