Narrator – OOG K’laan 01

(The events of the last few days weighed strangely on K’laan’s conscience. He offered to watch over Dauengard when the others approached the Blade Watch Citadel. He was convinced in his own mind that protecting the mother of Rogan was a noble task – that one does not have to…

The walls of his dream world peel away. Something dresses his mind like a G’oskiir for the family table. Something large, strong and howling like a….Tarsan!)

“NO!!!! Help!! Someone help me!!”

(The walls of the Cóng Jasai’s sanctuary are down in shambles, crushed under the rage of the snarling beast. Now the floor beneath his feet begins to whip into a state of agitation! Straw and debris flies about his head in a chaotic whirl…a violent maelstrom.)

“HELP ME!! Va’Laa’Kaaiir!! My god and patron….lord of the storms and the savage winds….hear me!! Take me to your place of sanctuary! I am unworthy if not in your service! I am unworthy….noooooooooo!!!!”

(The beams above his head begin to creak, then snap like branches in youth. The stars above are gone – consumed by the storm.)

“I am unworthy….Va’Laa’Kaaiir…my god!”

(With the name of his god, the last air sucks from his lungs….and he awakens. The small chamber in the temple of Bregor is awash in sunlight. Gone are the winds and debris and horrible howl. Alone in this tiny chamber. The memory begins to settle amongst the unclear shadowed corners of his mind. He sits up in the tiny bed and stares at a small speck in the wall before him. A small speck the color grey. The color of wind as if pinched and freed from its father the storm. The storm.)

“Va’Laa’Kaaiir. Dragon Father. A noble task…and many more before me. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I feel it. The power of his wind. Vaas Ka’iir!”

(He rises and springs to his feet. The future holds in its hands many mysteries. And he now knows…he shall not face them alone.)