Narrator – OOG Bregg 01

(Bregg feels seven pounds of pressure in the sacks above his eyes. Ale, wine, venom from the mouth of a snake demon from some putrid hell…all of it. Poison. It must be the beating of his heart against the walls of his skull, for nothing else can beat with such dire but grim realization. BANG BANG BANG!!)

“What the…”

(Bregg’s eyes struggle for focus as he leaps from the impossible bed in the temple chamber. Not his heartbeat hung far to over….but the knocking of the door.)

“Come in!”

(Not truly certain if he is clothed or buck naked, he stands evenly on two feet. That – for this morning – is a task well executed.)

“Come in, I said…”

(The door flings wide and the priest Brother Horsric ducks to enter the room. Behind him, Bregg can see the shoulders and part of the head of another man. Human as well. Then it becomes apparent – Captain Barg of the Amendaran Blade Watch. He is suddenly grateful that he is indeed wearing shirt and leggings. Surprised that he even wore a belt to hold everything into place. Task well executed.)

“Bregg Felldawn. Sorry to disturb you, but as you can see, Captain Barg is here to see you.”

(The priest nods, then exits, closing the door behind him.)

“See me? What can I help you with, Captain?”

(The soldier holds a small chest in his arms. The box looks fashioned of iron and wood – straight sides, and sagging in the middle of the lid.)

“Ah, yes…I was not myself earlier when I gave you the dispatch. I held onto it for years. As a momento of my father, I also knew it would some day be of importance.”

(He places the chest on the small table under the window.)

“As you can see, this box has seen better days. What it contains is meant to be passed on with the parchment from Marshal Brandegn…a companion, if you will. Though for the life of me, I fail to see how its contents can be anything but decoration.”

(The captain opens the chest. Immediately Bregg can feel a change in the air movement in the room. His logic might argue that the air temperature hasn’t changed simply with the opening of an old box. From within, Captain Barg removes a velvet swatch and places it on the table. He folds back the fabric revealing a gemstone in a simple setting of silver.)

“I’ve had to change the box seven times over the last few years. It seems the damned thing doesn’t like its living arrangement.”

(Bregg can see how the lid of the chest buckles and sags as if melting over a great heat. The stone shimmers and sparkles in the morning light. The captain leans against the wall.)

“I’m not sure what this thing does, but the messenger described it as a relic of the Marshal Brandegn and that it holds great magic. He called it ‘The Eye of the Bear’ and that it was forged for the Marshal by a dwarven jeweler and the King’s own sorcerer. I confess having tried several times throughout the years to activate the thing, I’ve had no success. Perhaps I’m not its intended owner.”

(He smiles and opens the door.)

“Good luck, Lord Felldawn. If you make it back to our dusty city…do allow me to buy you a drink or three. I need to know what that thing does.”

(He points at the stone on the table, smiles again…then exits the room. Bregg touches the gem with his finger – testing its presence against other objects he is certain are real.)

“Eye of the bear, eh? Let’s see what you’re meant to do, little stone.”

(He picks the gem up in his right hand, tosses it into the air and catches it with a solid slap against his palm. A sizzle ignites the ozone in the air and the hairs on Bregg’s arm stand up straight at attention. His hand tells him that the small gem is far heavier than it really should be.)

“Great magic, you say. I’ve heard that before…”


Eye of the Bear