K’ain – OOG Heart 13

(Accepting the wineskin unenthusiastically)

We do not know what to believe anymore. Perhaps you were right about Baru Kai before. Perhaps we were… are looking in all the wrong places. It’s like… mouse running?… rat racing?… how do you say it?… cat and mouse… Braak!

(Waves a hand vaguely, irritated)

We do not know!

They are one step ahead all the time, and it shouldn’t be hard for one of them to find a priest of Aethelgrim to add to their conquests if they haven’t already. If what the priests tell us is true and they are simply looking for stock…

(Realizes he sounds insensitive, looks to Tyvian with concern.)

Apologies Tu’Meer, we didn’t… We… A’maan… Vorgis’ti…

(Coughs self-consciously)

We ‘re not used to… Bregg is right, we haven’t had a proper sleep since that first night in Denbrie. Everything since then has been…

(He stares at the wineskin, dully, as if staring past it, bon ami evaporated)

(To himself with a shiver not quite managing to shake off the shadow.)


(Hands the wineskin back to Bregg without drinking and stands, drawing himself up with a little effort.)

You’re… You are right as well Tu’Meer… Our scars are reminders of who we are.

(Clenches his bandaged left fist)

Where we’re… from.