Rogan – OOG Changed 08

(The two resume preparations then mount their horses. With Amendar just a few hours out, anxiety and tension begin to take its toll. Then Tyvian notices something entirely different about the Migdin swordsman. He turns without a sound to check that his mother is in the wagon, nods at her then moves out. All without a sound. Rogan seems preoccupied by something, perhaps frightened by the thought of comfronting his mother’s imposter. Perhaps the enormity of the events leading up to this day. But in his eyes there is something distant and cold. The most stunning thing he’s ever seen sends shivers down his spine. Around Rogan’s body he sees an aura of roiling red. And over his head, a feint but present darkness.)

“Rogan. It’s all going to be fine.”

(Rogan musters a mere hint of a smile in answer to his friend’s words.)

“Have faith.”