Rogan – OOG Changed 07

(Rogan leans closer to the young priest)

“I donʻt know how to explain the feelings I have. Like my insides have been scraped raw. At the same time, I donʻt feel entirely alone.”

(He begins to tear)

“Until I can figure this out. Please…donʻt…trust me.”

(Tyvian swallows hard, to prevent a gasp from escaping his lips. His own vision still hasnʻt returned to normal after the terrible experience of the demonʻs bite…and the healing to follow. As he looks in his friendʻs eyes, he can see a faint red glow around his entire head and upper body. From within the deepest corridors of his mind, where the earliest memories of his priesthood reside, he knows what is happening before his eyes. And he powerless to stop it.)