Rogan – OOG Changed 01

(At the close of the funeral, as Tyvian leaves the ring of ash and sorrow, he is met by Rogan away from the attention of others)

“Tyvian. I need to tell you something. This can not slip past your ears for the others will not understand.”

(Tyvian leans gently against a tree, soft with moss and lichen. Rogan squints his eyes and continues in a tone barely audible.)

“After that…thing…attacked me. After it poisoned me with its venom. I felt…different. The potion of milk from the village, it helped me, yes. My life is mine again. But my body feels unlike the one I wake up in every morning.”

(Tyvian reaches out and touches Rogan on the shoulder)

“Go on, Rogan.”

“I donʻt feel the same, Tyvian. Something has changed.”

(He turns away, as if suddenly embarrassed by his own words)

“Never mind. This is foolʻs chat. I’m probably just tired and weak.”

(He shakes his head and smiles)

“Weʻve all had too much blood and magic for our good. Just please, keep an eye on me, my friend. Who knows what a demon passes to its prey.”