K’ain – OOG Dragon 03

(A brief flash of his former irritation crosses K’ain’s face at the perceived dig, quickly replaced with a resigned little laugh)

(In Cong Manii)

<Tongue of our forefathers…>

(He becomes instantly serious, unable to look K’laan in the face. Ater a brief pause he speaks, almost too quickly.)

<Why are you still here?>

(He looks up, almost accusing, genuinely interested, there is almost a note of desperation in his voice.)

<Your name is known in court. In Bakadan they do not speak well of you. A rogue, a huckster and a faithless Jasai. In the south you are wanted for theft and confidence tricks, it is clear you joined this mission for the promise of coin. However…>

(Takes a breath, he is obviously uncomfortable talking with the Jasai and not sure how to say what he says next.)

<You… fought that Tarsan like the Taan’Pat Fiis. We saw what you did to that…>

(Shudders involuntarily, clenching his left fist which is wrapped in bandages)

<That… You have fought… (Still unwilling to say “bravely”) well. And now we are out of Inniskeep, before we arrive in Amendar you are free to go where you will… Yet you walk with us into the heart of darkness.>

(Finally, looking K’laan directly in the eye, almost pleadingly)