K’ain – OOG Burning 05

(K’ain stares at the flames until they die out. He watches Ari’adni’s ritual and Tyvian leave blankly. Even after the village leaves and returns home he stands staring at the pyre.)

(After a time he shivers violently, seeming to shake something off. He approaches the still smoldering pyre. After a moment of hesitation he thrusts his arm into the ashes, seizing a fistful of embers.)

(Gasping with the pain)

“S’ut agraas! Kaa tah’s’ut agraas a’maan! S’ut Tagaar margaan suriit agraas! S’ut Lagii margaan suriit agraas! Ah!

(Wrenches his hand from the pyre, scattering ash and embers.)

(Cletching his burnt fist.)

“We shall…”

(He does not return to the tent)