Tyvian – OOG Contemplation 01

(The next morning, after completing his morning prayers and meditations, Tyvian returns to the small table in the Inn, enjoying some fruit and water. As Bregg shuffles out of his room)

Good Morning my friend! You look at lot like how my head feels. Please sit, we have much to discuss. I’m sure the others will be along eventually.

How is your arm feeling? Are you experiencing anything…different? Rogan and I have both been poisoned by those demons before as well and we both feel…different. Like we’ve knocked on the door to the afterworld and caught a glimpse of what awaits. Although we both have different experiences, there’s a pull.. a connection, to the other world. Have you spoken to Rogan at all? Where is he by the way? He’s usually up by now saying his prayers to Aethelgrim.

We need to discuss who we can trust to help raise the babies. We can’t leave all of them with the Church of Bregor. We’ve asked too much of them already and each child has a different Patron Diety. Perhaps they may have a suggestion.

Have you seen Dauengard? I want to ask who I need to see to obtain property within Amendar.

Forgive me, I’ve prattled on. Please eat something, drink.