Narrator – OOG Visitor 01

(Bregg stands listening to his friend with all the attention he can muster. Perhaps the unusual diet of the last month is finally catching up to him. Or perhaps it’s the relentless barrage of violence and danger that steals any semblance of a solid night’s sleep. Maybe he… Bregg reaches behind himself, grabbing the iron ring of the main door for balance. His hand – once healed by the holy power of a god – grips the cold metal with a strength born out of…what is that feeling? Fear? Uncertainty? Tyvian notices something in the tall Nyverian’s form that he’s never seen before. And it sends an icy chill down his spine.)

“Bregg. What’s wrong?”

(Bregg smiles with a grin he’s certain will allay Tyvian’s fears. Even though the sweat had already soaked through the fresh tunic he dressed in just minutes ago.)

“I am fine. Just one too many of those funny apples…”

(And Tyvian is gone. Simply…never there. And the small Inn is covered in darkness and shadow, save the one burning, radiant column of platinum light.)

“I am the power and the light. I have walked the clouds of Surganomn and watched the mighty guardians of the Sky Keep cower in my presence…for I am the Father of Lightning and Lord of the Sword and Hammer.”

(Bregg empties his bladder, soaking the leggings and undergarments of linen and wool.)

“Father Aethelgrim.”

(Lightning cuts the air with a power that threatens everything that dare challenge its might. The thunder deafens the shifting sands of even this most living city of the desert.)

“Hear me, my son! You are a warrior of my blood. This day you walk the ancient ground of my Wyrld a new man and a soldier of might and destiny! The prophecy places you in the most divine armor of the Just. You know what is to be done. But be wary of those that – after only a mere handful of days that pass through your fingers like Amendar’s sand – cling to your side and call you friend. Beware the Migdin that claims loyalty to ME! He is a liar and a very dangerous pawn of the Mapmaker and his patron, my brother Arwic. Rogan, son of Dauengard the whore, is of the most tainted blood. Kill him, rather than trust him. Only then will your arm be free to wield your divine weapon against my enemies. My will is law!”

(As quickly as the vision came it disappears. Tyvian stands inches in front Bregg with two hands on his shoulders.)

“Bregg! Bregg, are you alright?!”