K’ain – OOG Huj 01

(The sun has not yet risen on Amendar when K’ain rises after a night filled with more contemplation than sleep. He takes one of the horses and leaves the city, far enough to find a lonely spot in the shade of some dunes and scrub. There he erects a makeshift tent. Inside he builds a small covered fire, a stack for charcoal. In a dish placed before him he burns the last of the dried Cóng Bagaat, and from the flask he brought along he drinks a measured draught of the burning liquor Rogan brought back from the Font.

Soon the inside of the tent is unbearably hot. Between the heat and the smoke and the liquor his head is buzzing. He takes the mask from his tunic and stares into it’s empty eyes for a long time.)

Maniin Maniir Galgaa N’gaal-fiis… Huj agraas p’aas. 1

(Holding the mask he speaks words remembered from a long time ago. Spoken once in the temple of Fiir’ti over the burning of children’s Pajak)

Fiir’ti Cóng S’ai, s’ut agraas nakai m’agiir. Fiir’ti Cóng Lag S’ai, t’gul agraas b’aas. Manii mani Gaar Ti K’ain e Yagris. Jsi e ra. Huj domnon kai. S’kar t’aar t’gul. S’kar ti’iir t’gul. S’kar koln’iir p’agaa t’gul. S’kar b’aas t’gul agraas, huj s’ut e bagaat. Goh agraas kaa. Goh agraas b’aas. 2

(He cuts deeply into his arm, allowing blood to fill a second dish before binding the wound. From the dish he smears the mask with his own blood, repeating…)

Huj agraas p’aas. Huj jsi ka ra. Huj agraas b’aas. 3

(Once the mask is completely red he lays it in the fire. Watching it burn down to cinders and ash.)

Agraas lasc pa’gaal maniir e maniis Aboraas, Hørynteus, Marustade, Kastigelle. Agraas kaa, agraas b’aas. 4

(Finally, hot, thirsty, hungry, head pounding, in one last ritual he retrieves the charred wood, mixing the charcoal with the remaining blood to make a paste takes out and burns a needle and begins the laborious process of marking his flesh with the remains of his twice burned Pajak. The morning sun is well in the sky when he returns to Amendar, soot stained and bandaged.)

1. My brother, crown of death… Together we are strong.
2. Fiir’ti dragon father burn us clean. Fiir’ti Dragon mother, gift us rebirth. Your child Gaar Ti K’ain and Yagris. Two and one. Together under your wings. Please grant strength. Please grant honor. Please grant power. Please grant us rebirth with blood and fire. Again we die. Again we are reborn.
3. Together we are strong. Together two as one. Together we are reborn.
4. We are a guardian of the children, Aboraas, Hørynteus, Marustade, Kastigelle. We are dead, we are reborn.