Tyvian – OOG Covered 08

Tyvian Meer –

No, you are strong. Stronger than most. Your conviction to your faith is true. The others do not understand the difficulty of doing those things upon faith that others may see as weak, but carrying them out regardless. I feel that you will face continued adversity, even with our companions. Stay true to your path. Talk with them, but keep it light. They are not ready to share your burden. Allow them time to learn. In the same light, while holding true to one’s path, sometimes one must adapt and take a temporary side step while there are obstacles. You may not sway the other Cóng Manii, but you may have more success with Bregg or Rogan, they are warriors and soldiers and only know what they’ve been taught. Don’t judge them quickly as well, they fear what they do not understand. Guide them to see. Come join me back at the campsite.