Tyvian – OOG Covered 03

Tyvian Meer –

(After finishing at the end of the jetty – Notices K’ain off on his own and approaches)

I’ve never seen fighting such as yours. Almost like a predator, though with different intent. Fear not any chastisement from me. Though I know our paths are different, I sense your conviction is true and not of malice. Many do not understand fully the wonders of Mother Surin, but nature also can be terrible and swift and does not show mercy to those who try to control her or those who make unwise decisions. Her untamed children do not show mercy toward those who threaten their lives. Mother Surin has shown me much over the last week and I understand my path. This growing evil must be kept at bay or the balance of light and darkness will be upset once again.

(turns to leave, stops, then turns back)

With regards to our pleading attacker… one cannot shake the hand of a devil and then plead at the foot of a god. Sleep well.

(turns to head back toward the camp)