Rogan – OOG Moon 01

Rogan –

(As Brother Tyvian is pulled deeper into sleep, he finds himself on a getty…identical to the one he walked upon just hours ago. But now the getty is barely damp, but for the mist of the teasing surf. The moon has cast the entire beach in a pristine blue glow. The evening breeze is cool, but pleasant. He stands in the robes he took his vows in. Pure. Natural white. Woven by the women of his Mother Sphere. He finds himself staring out at the spot where he earlier witnessed the vision of the departed spirit. He closes his eyes to the peace surrounding him. From behind…)

“Tyvian Meer. You are a curious creature, aren’t you?”

(Tyvian opens his eyes…and awakens to Rogan’s face smiling down at him. The sun rather bright behind him appears like a halo bout his full head of hair.)

“I was going to check you for signs of life, my friend! Whatever that strange little elf said to you last night must have shaken you to the core! You kept moaning and screaming. I could hear you even above Bregg’s snoring!”