Rogan – OOG Covered 02

Rogan –

(Sitting on a driftwood log near the beach line. Staring at K’ain off in the darkness.)

“Pator Aethelgrim. Lord of Warriors. I haven’t prayed, or even left offerings in…well, a very long time. You know my heart more than anyone. You understand the way I hear the desert song because you taught me its melody. You know the way I feel when the sword calls for action, because it was in your embrace that first I tasted the killing. But Lord Aethelgrim, god of all who in battle fight for right and the glory of victory…what…is this man? He claims to be Cóng Manii, but I’ve seen with my own eyes the efficiency of the death stroke given his enemies. But more, my Lord. He seems to be without humility and a stranger to mercy. It is taught in your lessons how the mightiest warrior knows how NOT to kill when his heart judges the action wrong. And Cóng Manii?! Father of Steel! The children of the dragons do not kill! That much I know. Help me to understand. Please merciful and mighty Lord. Help me to justify my feelings. Because even though I want to strike at him and punish him for the senseless murder I’ve seen him commit…I can not turn away when he is in my presence. I am drawn to him, like a child to a box on the day of your birth. I will listen to the wind, Father Aethelgrim. I will wait for your wise counsel. In all things…I remain your humble child and soldier of your light. Seva Koresad, Aethelgrim Sthah.”