K’ain – OOG Covered 07

K’ain –

(On the beach. K’ain does not look up at Tyvian but rather at the mask in his hands. He struggles with his words)

You are a good man Priest of Surin. We want… I need you to understand.

The Cóng Manii do not kill. It is… abhorrent. Without a Pajak the soul can not be transported. It… it can not be reborn. We kill. We must, to protect the innocents in Cóng Manaar. Villages that might be subject to war when only a few men must die to prevent it. We… take responsibility for the souls we take, to ensure they can be transported through Fiir’Ti to rebirth. You say a yagris that will not kill akraat must eat his own tail. But we are mani not manii s’ai.

(He holds out his arms. Without armour it is clear his forearms are covered in a simple hatching of tattoos some of them fresh)

These are all the men we’ve taken. We consecrate their Pajak and send them to Fiir’Ti so their souls will not be lost. I take responsibility for every one and do not kill lightly. But I…

You do not question your faith Tu’Meer. You are strong, we do not think we are.