Bregg – OOG Covered 11

Bregg –

Shh! They’re coming back. I bet Tyvian gave that bloodthirsty madman a piece of his mind.

(avoids eye contact with K’ain)

So, anyone have a lute? Mandolin? Magic canary? Gods, I need to get myself a magic canary… I want your opinion on this song I’ve been writing. It’s about Lady Thynwis, back when I thought she was the mastermind behind this secret cult. Although, if Daeungard’s sister is really behind this plot, then maybe this will end up being just the first chapter in an epic saga. The Saga of Amendar, has a nice ring to it…

Be honest, tell me what you think. Although keep in mind, I only learned what a rhyme is two days ago…

(clears his throat)

A shroud has fallen over Amendar
Something wicked’s in the wind
In dark of night under pale stars
Is evil wrapped in pale skin

A gentle lady of wealth and means
Wrapped in Silver and silk
But this dame is not what she seems
Her soul is of the vilest ilk

(raise pitch a bit)

The kindness in her eyes is just facade
Her smile a condescending lie
And while showing devotion to your god
Secretly wishes he would die

(faster staccato tempo)

This witch would murder her own son
Defile the holiest of sites
Spill blood of innocents for fun
All in the name of evil’s might

She boldly curses Bregor’s home
Wields magic, necromantic and sick
And from her Silver-gilded throne

(draw out notes)

Obeys… the will… of… he whose name we do not speak