Bregg – OOG Covered 06

Bregg Felldawn –

(securing the campsite, talking to K’laan and Ga’ia)

K’laan, Ga’ia. I’ve seen my share of Cóng Manii.. well, honestly, I’ve battled my share of Cóng Manii, during the war. The two of you seem like you’ve spent a great deal of time traveling outside of Cóng Manaar. I mean, your mannerisms and the way you dress, they seem not very.. traditional. Although, admittedly, I am no expert. But this K’ain. Am I right in thinking that he is… not right in the head? I have fought Cóng Manii soldiers, and even in war they refuse to kill their enemy. And this one, puts on his mask and murders a helpless man in cold blood? We need to be wary of him I think.