Tyvian – OOG Shadows 11

(Later around the campfire)

I want to tell what happened…


While everyone was busy fighting with the Tarsan, of which you are all very fortunate to have survived, I went back into the room where Bregg had placed Ga’ia so I could catch my breath. We were gone for just a few minutes, but Ga’ia and Cu were already slain, their necks slit. She stood there, overjoyed that I was the one to walk through the door. I knew she had plans for me. We battled with magic, I injured her, but it only seemed to make her stronger. I was not strong enough. I had overextended myself previously and couldn’t resist her magic. She was too powerful. (hesitating again) She blew a magical kiss at me that proved too much. I failed. Everything went black. The next thing I know, I’m naked and she’s straddling me. Forcing herself upon me. Taking what she wanted from me.

(fighting back tears.)

That Whore of Arwic (cringing at the name) corrupted ME…a holy man.

(makes sure to make eye contact with Rogan as he speaks)

She planned to do that from the beginning. I think she wanted to steal from me.. steal my.. seed. I believe she wanted to impregnate herself.

(can’t fight the tears now)

I fear she is planning on birthing a truly evil child.

(crying too much, gets up and walk away to regain composure)