Tyvian – OOG Shadows 10

(To Bregg)

Fear not brother, I will not hold anything back. Secrets can cost lives now. I do want to address everyone together. I do not believe that Thessina and Lady Thynwis are one and the same, although it is a possibility that Lady Thynwis may also have or BE a double. We must be wary about making a public accusation without sufficient proof, but also must be ready for any confrontation.

I think we need to reign in our group into a more cohesive unit. Do you have any suggestions from your military background. I fear that we all have different reasons for being on this journey and that may tear us apart and weaken us. Perhaps if we can rally everyone behind a common goal? I’m not sure if everyone realizes what evil is truly out there and what could result if “his” whore does what I believe she’s trying to do.