Tyvian – OOG Shadows 02

(Trying to keep a stoic face while readying his own horse)

I was not ready.. I was not strong enough for such a powerful foe. The power she wields is far beyond anything I’ve ever encountered. I feared I had succumbed without warning you to the danger within. But I didn’t.. I was… I, I didn’t.

We will face her again.. I MUST face her again. She took something from me.

(blinking to fight back tears)

I trust in Mother Surin to continue to guide me. To strengthen me. to help me learn from my mistakes.

(Turning to K’ain)

I’m not the only one bearing troubles

(redirecting the conversation)

Know that Ga’ia is free from the bonds of that sorceress. Though I am not familiar with her beliefs, I know (indicating in his heart)…She is able to move on.

(gives a slight smile of reassurance)