Sethes – OOG Lessons 06

(She cautiously extends her hand)

“You, Ari’Adni…are the strangest woman I have ever met.”

(She bites back a giggle.)

“My mother…judged no person before her deeds…”


“…but she had the strangest notions of your people.”

(a longer pause)

“She told me…all of us…that the Shar’Sariin are…dirty people. She said that you do not cleanse after you pass your shit.”

(Clearly embarrassed but too far along to stop)

“She said that in the town square, when she was a child, she happened upon a young Shar’Sariin girl in the public privy. She had just relieved her bowel when my mother startled her. The girl screamed, pulled up her tunic and ran out into the street…as dirty as a Musk’jang in your torchlight!”

(She burst into laughter…full and throaty)

“We are, none of us, what we seem. Good to meet you Ari’Adni!”