Sethes – OOG Curious 01

(Following the “subtle” discussion between K’ain and Ari’Adni, Sethes speaks casually and calmly to the Cóng Manii warrior)

“Sir. I must confess, I have met very few Cóng Manii in my few years breathing. But living in the desert north, I have often seen visiting travelers from the Shar’Sariin tribes. Never…have I seen anyone the likes of that girl amongst their numbers. Pardon me, for I was not intentionally listening. But your conversation was impossible to ignore. As beautiful and exotic as she is, that girl seems angry and wounded. Something is wrong behind those eyes…and I would be careful, sir.”

(K’ain continues to listen.)

“An old Nyverian proverb tells of how easy it is for a mean curr to get a place by your fire. We want to see the tired and hungry pup because it’s in our nature to look for the innocent in all creatures. Then again, once you’re sound asleep that curr is still mean,and you’ve given him a place at your fire. He’s slept off his tired, but that mean curr is still hungry. And it is in his nature to eat.”

(More silence)

“I’m sure I slaughtered that proverb. But the meaning behind it…well, I think it’s still pretty true.”