Rogan – OOG Painful 01

(On a short break near the end of the first day back to Amendar, Rogan approaches Tyvian with a water skin)

“Brother. For whatever reason, this one stayed a little cooler. Here…drink.”

(As Tyvian shares a cool drink, Rogan speaks.)

“While my mother drifted off to sleep earlier, she spoke something that was probably the strangest and most horrifying thing I’ve ever heard. She said that her sister was strangely polite to her when bringing her to captivity at Sulaka. She told her that, though my mother had known the love of a man, she would never know what it means to be embraced by a god.”

(Tyvian’s face went stern as expression fell off to the ground.)

“Tyvian. She told my mother that she knew the love of men. And married to my father and Phos, at best…she could be a wife. And the next thing she said…that was really strange. She said, that she was gifted with true power as Arwic’s whore. And in his name she would be one of the proud women to corrupt the holy in his name. And through that corruption he would be reborn”

(The others begin to stir and prepare the horses. The heat is relentless…and there are hours to go before they can set up camp by the coolness of night.)