K’laan – OOG Afraid

(K’laan rides his horse next to Bregg along the barely recognizable road)

“My friend. I know…I’ve been a man of few convictions. You know little of my people’s ways and even less of mine. Fair enough. I confess, that is the way I’ve wanted things to be. But I’ve come to know you as a fair man…and one who bases his judgements on observation and experience rather than politics and religion.”

(The look on Bregg’s face seemed to express curiosity, so K’laan continues)

“I…I’m afraid of what lies ahead for us. So much has happened…such dark magics and manipulations of your gods… ”

(He looks down at the ground, not recognizing that their pace has slowed to walk)

“This…child…of, mine. When I find it…I will kill it. And I need you to back me up when the time comes. Don’t allow the…over-zealous of my kind to stop me. Because this child is unnatural and not Cóng Manii. And you know in your heart…this…thing…is a poison piece of a larger curse. The dark blight…Arwic is involved.”

(Bregg is silent)

“Anyway. When the time comes…thank you.”