K’ain – OOG Respect 09

(Barking back at her, almost laughing as well but deadly serious)

Good! Because there will be more like the red haired girl, more like the boy on the alter, more like Gaar Ta Ga’ia if this B’graas bitch can bring her god of shit and bones back to power even if we manage to kill her. That is why you should care! This is the first you’ve spoken of justice. Good! Fight for justice and your actions may speak louder than words. Vengeance is petty. Justice is strong. We are here for justice.

Friendship is more than jokes by the campfire Lasc Ka’iir. You must earn friendship. But you are not among enemies.

(In halting Sariin extending a conciliatory hand still staring her down)

“The enemy of my enemy is my ally.”