K’ain – OOG Respect 07


And we are K’ain Yagris’Maniir, Fiir’ti Ka’iin, Maniir N’gal-fiis. We are no brigand and we are no Jesai. (Turns his head and spits) We do not make others take responsibility for our actions, we kill only to protect the innocent and relieve pain and when we die Fiir’ti will judge us, but you will not.

(With more restraint)

You speak in jest of death and pain and believe yourself wronged when others find your words disrespectful. All I do is ask that you think before you speak in jest of things you do not understand again and you believe yourself berated. We have demanded nothing of you. Go if you wish. Say what you wish. But if you do not want to be treated like a child take responsibility for your words and do not blame others.

This woman is a Kaa S’kaiis and a disciple of Arwec. You saw the alter. You saw the children. Is vengeance the only reason you would fight her?

We’d heard the tribesmen of the Shar’Sariin had more honour.


Have we heard wrongly or no?