Bregg – OOG Shadows 04

(To nobody in particular)

In Amendar, where do we go first? Thessina has the ability to travel magically, so she’ll have a full day or more before we get there. She probably also has the ability to change her appearance and was no doubt posing as Dauengard… and Lady Thynwis… who knows who else.

(to Rogan)

…we never saw Dauengard before we left. I remember you said that she wasn’t feeling well. But she gave you the idea that her sister might be responsible for the false evidence didn’t she?

(doesn’t wait for answer, starts talking to himself again, this time with more hand gestures and finger counting)

And if she was also Lady Thynwis, then she has probably corrupted her husband, just like she did with Phos. Which means that she has a wealthy, respected ally who has pull with the temple… the Bladewatch no doubt…

(to Tyvian)

…and if Thessina was also Lady Thynwis, then that means she was the one that gave you the cursed dagger.

(moves horse closer to Tyvian’s horse)

Whatever Thessina is planning involves you, Tyvian. She tried to possess you. She lured us to her keep in Sulaka. The stag heads at dinner, you said that was a message directed at you. She confronted you one on one, then fled her own keep immediately afterward. What exactly happened during that battle? No secrets, Tyvian.