Ari’adni – OOG Victims 01

(After a respectful interval, Ari’adni follows Tyvian when he leaves the fire.)

“Forgive me for intruding, you are the one they call Tyvian, we were never introduced properly. I am Ari’adni. I wished to say, what you just did, I feel you have shown great bravery.”

(She pauses awkwardly, she is clearly uncomfortable with this sort of conversation.)

“But I think you are wrong. The P’Taich of my tribe mother Sto’shal, she once told me that a man’s soul is a tapestry woven by his deeds. Each act another thread all forming the pattern that makes up the man. The only things that can change your soul, are your own actions. No one else can corrupt you unless you choose to let them. What was done to you was monstrous, I see that your wounds are great. But the soul beneath cannot be harmed unless you yourself hurt it.”

(She stops.)

“Forgive me if I have given offense.”

(She turns and heads back towards the fire.)