Ari’adni – OOG Shadows 06

(Upon hearing Bregg’s initial statement Ari’adni moves her horse close enough to the others to be heard, but is beyond Bregg, K’ain and Tyvain’s conversation, should they wish to continue in private.)

(To everyone and no one.)

“You all seem rather poor in your choice of enemies, I myself prefer to the fight the foolish, flabby, and rich. But you are set on quarreling with a powerful Kaa’P’Taich.”

(She chuckles. Then becomes more serious.)

“As a matter of personal interest why were you in Inniskeep?”

(To Rogan.)

“You clearly did not expect to find your mother within, what other motivation could you have to assail the hall of your kinsfolk?”

(She shrugs.)

“In truth, to me it matters little, weather you sought vengeance, justice or the mythic gates of Jusit Kor itself. Whichever god or spirit sent you, we… (She glances at Dauengard and Sethes.) …I am grateful.”

(In Sariin)

“Blood of my heart, air of my breath, stone of my bone, enemy of my friend, in all things we share.”

(She is silent.)

(With sudden passion. In Common.)

“Speak the name of your enemy and she will die. My blade will strike where you strike, and so will your strength be doubled.”