Ari’adni – OOG Respect 08

(Ari’adni throws back her head and laughs.)

“Finally we meet K’ain Yagris’Maniir. Yes I spoke those words, I have blamed no one else for them, and I have not spoken of your dead. I had thought to offer you friendship, my words light to lift a sombre mood, a foolish notion, a mistake I will not quickly repeat. In the fellowship of battle I thought I was among friends, who might forgive such words, understanding them to be the harmless japes they were. Clearly I was wrong and in future when among your comrades I shall guard my tongue and my back.”

(She is calm but clearly full of cold fury.)

“As to my vengeance, it is not for my own suffering that she will die. I live, I breathe, I cannot ask more of Tja’Jaat. It is for the others, the boys at the alter, the women they sold before, the red haired girl. This is why she will die. What do I care for Arwic, a god of shit and bones, had she done this in the name of a dog should her punishment be any less? I respect action Yagris’Maniir, your insults, I spit them in your face, they shall find no hold on me. You name me a fool question my honor yet still I will tolerate you, for the sake of vengeance, nah for justice.”

(In Sariin) “For this I live and for this I shall die.”