Ari’adni – OOG Respect 06

“I spoke in jest and perhaps my levity was ill timed. The anger it seems to have roused in you all confirms it. Thus am I chastised by all. I hint at the possibility that your purposes are suspect, admitting full well that I know nothing of them and accusing you of naught. And I am scolded like a child who has questioned her elders. But now you speak to me in solemn tones and name me a fool.”

(Her eyes flash with anger and she unconsciously rests a hand on the grip of her G’orlar.)

“You demand my respect with none given in return. What of your words. You may yet be a brigand, you have not denied it, but you have the arrogance of a fat Jasai.”

“I am Ari’adni, tribeswoman of the Shar’Sariin. Four days ago I was captured by an unknown enemy. Last night you freed me and together we fought. I now intend to take vengeance. I know no reason other to fight this foe as I know nothing of her. There is no great purpose which I serve and I do not ask that you speak of these things with hushed and reverent words.”