Ari’adni – OOG Lessons 05


(She points to her head and smiles.)

“Its a keffiyeh. It may look silly, but as they say, ‘Of those who fail to respect the sun, few live to regret their mistake.'”

(Ari’adni is dressed for desert travel in a sand brown robe pulled over her regular attire, with a scarf done up into a turban on her head.)

(She sits for a minute in silence, then continues more seriously.)

“It is good, having to fight, those people who are given everything never learn its true value. Yesterday you and I were slaves. Today… (she spreads her arms in a gesture that encompasses the wyrld.) …we are free.” (She grins.) “We have gained more in the space of a day then the wyrd’s fattest merchant earns from a lifetime’s profits.”

(She laughs.)

“You may fight the wyrld until mountains crumble, but you need not fight me.”

(She extends a hand.)

“You are Sethes, I am Ari’adni.”