Rogan – OOG Charge 02

(Rogan scans the written words on the parchment, then refolds the sheet. He smiles as his eyes tear gently. As he looks backs toward his friend he’s swept up into what he and his mother have begun calling…a Tuvian hug.)

“You’re a good man, Ty. The Knights of Aethelgrim will be proud to hold such a document in its tabernacle.”

(Over the young priests shoulder Rogan spies the last of the delicious Ice House cakes perched alone, lonely on the barren plain of a vast wooden platter.)

“I have, um…just one more thing to, er…um..take care of…then I’m ready to go. I can feel the power of Aethelgrim coursing through my veins!”

(As Tyvian stands to collect his things, he smoothly slides the platter within attack range of the determined Migdin warrior.)

“Leave no enemy on the field this day, soldier.”