Narrator – OOG Something 01

(Bregg is the first to hear the door creak from behind in the darkness. He silently reaches out and touches K’ain’s shoulder, moves in to the warriors ear and whispers.)

“The door. Someone is following.”

(It is obvious that Rogan heard the sound as well, as he stands to the right, his axe drawn and ready. Then he belts his axe in one stroke, calling out.)

“Hold. We know this rascal. (beat) Master Davyn. To what do we owe this honor?”

(Rogan steps toward the door, grabs the boy by the scruff of his tunic and draws a few inches of his sword out of its scabbard. The subtle blue glow is enough to illuminate the boy’s face for Bregg to see what the others’ racial abilities afford. Bregg steps forward.)

“Let him go, Rogan.”

(Rogan doesn’t comply.)

“Gladly. But first, Davyn…you need to know how dangerous it is to follow us here. Did Tyvian give his permission?”

(Davyn looks to the ground.)

“No. We were in a great hurry to get to the temple grotto. Two guards were chasing us. Just as we got there, I said I was going to be sick and ducked into the privy. I waited until the guards were on us and Tyvian and the priest would have no choice but to go in without me. I then just slipped out and ran here as fast as I could.”

(Bregg steps in.)


(The migdin releases the boy.)

“Davyn. Rogan is right. What you did is very dangerous. You easily could have been caught and arrested. You also put Tyvian and his uncle in a lot of danger. For what? You are not ready for the things we may find down here.”

(Davyn’s eyes are swollen red with tears. His face furrowed with a deep frown.)

“I have no choice. My parents are dead. So is my sister…the very farm I have called home my whole life. I will NOT run and hide in a flower garden while those evil monks roam free. If there are answers down here, I have the right to learn them first hand. I have the right to carry vengeance for my parents. And if it is to the grave…then I will die fighting.”

(K’ain steps forward.)

“He is right, Bregg. Davyn’s boyhood was over the moment that necromancer stepped foot on his land. Who are we to stand in the way of his justice…even if it is not the way we would seek ours?”

(Rogan holds his axe out to the boy.)

“Well, you’re here now. Since you haven’t had time to start your weapons training with us, take my axe. You will have a more natural swing with it after years on your farm. The axe is less subtle than your father’s sword, but it makes a nice peep hole in a skull when it comes right down to it.”

(Bregg bares the history of their many losses in the way his brow deeply creases across his forehead.)

“Though this is not exactly the way I would have you join our journey, the journey has begun and you are here. You WILL stand between me and Rogan. That much I insist on.”

“Yes, sir.”

(Rogan tousles Davyn’s hair.)

“And if we come up against anything that even looks evil, you be praying to Aethelgrim while swinging that thing over and over again. (beat) I’ll tell you when to stop.”

(Davyn manages a nervous smile.)

“Tell me to stop swinging or praying?”


(From ahead of the group, Ra’aviik whispers.)

“If you are through with your reunion, you should know that this….place appears empty. At least in these forward rooms. It is as if the furnishings and religious trappings were just stripped away.”

(Bregg steps ahead.)

“I think that’s exactly what happened. Perhaps we should light a torch.”