Narrator – OOG Commitment 08

(The priests Darnesc and Tyvian run toward the front gate just as the guards come within visual range. Darnesc holds a pendant upward toward the sky and a wavering shadow seems to cover he and Tyvian. K’ain can still see where the two stand but only because he is aware of their presence. The guards number fourteen, accompanied by the lieutenant. They rush directly through the gate, and once inside, pursue Bregg and the others. After a good minute, Tyvian breathes deeply, and speaks to Darnesc in a whisper.)

“We must stop at the Plowshare and take the boy with us into the temple grotto.”

(The older priest pulls at Tyvian’s tunic and begins to run.)

“Does he walk our Mother’s path?”

“No…not directly”, Tyvian responds. “He was raised Bregorian and is converting to Aethelgan. We’ll all be fighting together ’til Arwic falls, so I guess it is a bit confusing.”

(Though obscured to Tyvian’s sight, he can see that his uncle is smiling. He continues.)

“So if we can not figure it out….”

“Cunning logic, nephew. A true Meer through and through!”

(They slip into the front door of The Plowshare Inn into a darkened parlor. No one notices the room with its shifting shadows and auras of gold. They reach the room where young Davyn slumbers and slowly open the door. The bed is empty as they step in. From behind the door Davyn springs with a knife held high and ready to strike.)

“You shall never leave here alive, bastard of Arwic!!”

(Tyvian and Darnesc materialize as if from out of the aether. Tyvian puts his hand on the boy’s shoulder)

“No bastards, Davyn…but deception is our means. You have just seconds to grab your things. We must leave. I’ll explain soon enough.”

(The farm boy smiles heartily as if he’s studied Rogan for years.)

“Now this is MUCH better than sleeping away the hours…sir!”