Narrator – OOG Commitment 03

(Just as Tyvian finishes his words with K’ain, Ra’aviik calls out in a battlefield whisper. Fast approaching, the sounds of soft shoes call out an urgent rhythm.)

“Stand ready!”

(In a shadowed blur, the Cóng Manii warrior has the Surinite priest Darnesc Meer pinned to the ground, a razor-edged sword blade across his gasping throat.)

“No! Ra’aviik!”

(Tyvian moves quickly to the trembling priest, putting his hand gently on Ra’aviik’s armored shoulder.)

“Friend. This is the man I told you all about. My uncle, Darnesc. He’s a good man and devout priest of my goddess. Most important….he is my blood.”

(Ra’aviik eases his grasp, letting the old cleric slip from his grasp as the blade slides quietly into its scabbard.)

“My humble apologies, Jasai. Uh…priest.”

(Tyvian expected a pleasant but twisted send-off from his eccentric uncle, but instead…he grabs Tyvian by the shoulders and pulls him in closely. The sweat is beaded on his forehead and his lower lip quivers.)

“The Royal Guard are on their way to arrest you and your friends! The Battle Marshal is dead. They are at his house right now…you have little time!”

(Tyvian’s head spins as he tries to grab onto the man’s words. K’ain and Bregg are there in an instant. Bregg leans in.)

“Tell us, priest. Why are they arresting us?!”

(Darnesc answers without ever taking his eyes off of Tyvian. He maintains his grasp, even as his tears roll down his cheeks.)

“The Command Marshal has gotten a hold of some information…from some source. I do not know the details. But you all must flee…into the monastery! Whatever is happening…someone does not want you in that temple below! And especially that tower!”

(He points toward the imposing tower in the distance. K’ain interjects.)

“If they are at the old Marshal’s house now, despite the state in which we left him…I am certain he is now dead.”

(Tyvian tries to calm his uncle.)

“Uncle Darnesc. There must be some misunderstanding. I’ll simply explain to the Command Mar…”

“No!! You don’t understand. I saw something in the waters of the mountain. Our Mother warns us. There is no intent misunderstood. You are all in danger!”

(Ra’aviik moves in closer)

“Our decision must come now. They will shortly be upon us!”

(Darnesc Meer softens his tone, but his eyes betray an urgency and fear…a determination contrary to the ease of the whimsical ramblings of their first meeting.)

“My nephew. You must come with me. If you cross into the grotto of Surin you are on sacred ground. By law they may not arrest or harass you on temple grounds!”

(Tyvian continues calmly.)

“Then uncle…we must all be off…to the grotto temple.”

(Darnesc renews his grasp.)

“No. You see…the law only holds sway for Surinites! Your companions clearly do not walk Mother’s path. The safest way is for them to escape through the abandoned monastery.”

(Tyvian turns and locks his gaze on Bregg…then K’ain…then Rogan.)

“He is right. I do not want to leave you, my friends…but Dauengard is in Sanctuary. And the infants…”

(The sound of heavy footsteps on the stone street carries with it the rattle of armor and shields. The soldiers of the guard rapidly approach.)