K’ain – OOG Commitment 01

(Before going to the monastery. while they wait for Rogan to join them K’ain approaches Tyvian alone.)


Tu’Meer, it has been a long time since we’ve spoken. We have wanted to talk to you for a while now, but what with… Everything that has happened… You have been busy attending to Dauengard. We did not wish to disturb you.

We are uneasy about this… monastery and tower. The last time we unlocked a sealed gate Arsafaal was freed into the wyrld. We’re not saying we shouldn’t do this thing… only… Our last conversation about the children was antagonistic. In case anything happens we would like you to understand.

After we spoke in the Singe we also had a vision… a… ghost… someone… some… (He swallows, recovering himself.) She charged us with the protection of Aboraas and told us of the origin of Arsafaal, he was like us once. An assassin for Empire. A Cóng Manii who kills. She… (He chokes again, unable to speak of her even to Tyvian.) It is not the first vision we have had. The night V’aliir came to us we were visited by Taris Cohaavian, he told us where to find the map.

We are not Jesai Tu’Meer, but these were visions from Cóng S’ai A’maan.

In the Singe you asked if we might not be set on different paths. We wanted you to know, we will not be returning to Cóng Manaar. In our missive to the court we sent the news the author was dead. And in the dessert of Amendar we burned our mask… Our…

(He can not think how to explain it to a Hu’manii. Instead he shows Tyvian the new tattooing on both his forearms, four rings connected by a think line running from the center of each palm to the inside of the elbow.)

This is our Pajak now. We are committed to this path. We fight for the Children.