Tyvian Meer – OOG After 01

(To Rogan)

If you need any aid in clearing your mother, I’ve communicated with the child, Jordan’s father Gatworth Thynwis as well as Brother Dansk of the Temple of Bregor. They are both willing to help if needed. I must get word back to the Temple about this foul magic. To the guards at the citadel I feel I must share this foul sorcery with the Priests of Bregor immediately. If you should need me, I can be found between there and the Hooded Hawk for the time being. To the others in the party I am returning to the Temple, I will meet you at the Hooded Hawk in several hours to resume discussion as to our next course of action. If any others would like to join me, I gladly accept the accompaniment. If none, Surin keep you till we meet again.