Rogan – OOG After 07

Rogan –

To Bregg

I see your concern regarding the dark and twisted secrets muddling the shadowed corners of this desert land. I grew up here…its blood is in my veins. I have seen many a man fall to greed and gold lust. Yes, we may search my mothers stores at the Hooded Hawk. But heed my intuition. I do not trust this priest K’laan. Firstly, he is Cóng Manii. And while this may not be a reason to cast aside a friend or companion, he has proven himself worthy of neither. To say nothing of his…ehem…magics! No, I say we wait for the Dunbach priest. He has a look about him that is calming and truthful. I trust him…and his spells and blessings work.

As for the children. I know nothing of necromantic filth nor the deliberate causing of pain to children or otherwise. But my guess would be that their parentage carries the burden of this plot. They all worship together and all have – at one time or another – held political favor in Amendar. I can believe not that any father would sell up his own child to any for deeds unclean. But mark my words – if either of these “gentle” men hides that awful truth behind a smile of good will…I will tear his head from its unworthy stalk!