Bregg Felldawn – OOG After 02

Bregg Felldawn –

Rogan. We need to search through the warehouse of the Hooded Hawk. Something (or someone) used dark magic to… possess Phos. Whatever it was, when Phos was struck down, it pulled him back to there. So I’m thinking that was where it first took hold of him. If Dauengard keeps records, we should find out if anything else is missing… While Tyvian is at the temple, perhaps K’laan could come with us to see if he can detect anything… foul. Just try not to animate any dead. We might be able to narrow down the time that he was possessed. Remember, he’s been hiring mercenaries and using them as sacrifices. How long has he been doing this? The men we rescued from Baru Kai, we should talk to them again, find out how long they were held and how many there were before them. Last thing… Why, were these children taken? If I am a necromancer, and I need the pain of a child to complete a ritual, why not take some orphan that no one will miss? Instead, he takes three children from prominent families with wealth and power. We should look into their houses and see if there are bodies or secrets buried there. If they come from wealth, it’s possible they come from distant royalty. If they come from distant Nyverian royalty, it’s possible they are descended from the former master of Baru Kai. However sickening the possibility, we should consider that the children were not kidnapped but offered by their parents.