Tyvian – OOG A Night 02

Tyvian Meer –

We need proof before any accusations are made. I did remember that Jordan had mentioned he was the only child while we were at the keep. However, there were several children at the Thynwis home, of varying ages. Two older boys had taken the other missing child home.

That voice.. that sinister voice.. echoes now in my ears.. He was telling me to do deplorable things. I must resolve my faith. I must commune with Mother Surin for guidance and strength. I feel that my presence is a threat to our new hidden enemy which is why I was targeted. I realized what was happening when his voice began cursing Mother Surin, calling her abhorrent names.

(grabbing Bregg’s arm)

Promise me, that if you see me falter like I did before… Make me focus on who and what I am.. When you grabbed my face, I believe you helped me return to myself with Surin’s grace. Please know that I would NEVER do anything to harm you. You’ve proven a dear friend in the short time we’ve known each other.

I realize that I’m rather naive with regard to the intentions of others and now particularly with “his” deceitful tongue muddling their words. I’m going to meditate before sleep to seek a way to see through the lies.

… another odd thing.. about this robe.. Why was that gentleman so willing to pay me so much for it? 5300 suns? When Ga’ia and I went to see Willy the Wizard, he only offered 1000 suns. I will pray on this as well.